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If you would like to get a quotation for your solar system then H & B Group can certainly be of service to you.  However, to ensure we are quoting on the right system for your needs, we offer you a free full solar assessment of your premises, as well as a quotation on the systems we recommend. If you already have a system in mind, we can additionally advise you about the suitability and capacity of that system.

Your solar assessment will take place on site at your home or business, to ensure we understand all contributing factors, including shade restrictions, house/building directions and roof space among others.  Our experienced staff member will ensure that you are fully informed of our range of products and services, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. For more information on the types of systems we use, see our Solar Systems page.

We also have offers available from time to time which you may be able to take advantage of.

So, why wait!  If you would like to organise an appointment to have your solar assessment and quotation session, please fill out the form to the right, or call us on 1300 001 390.